Septic Tank Blowers

air blowerExcessive dust and particles can clog the filter and can starve the pump of air supply causing excess heat and wear.

If the blower is mounted within an enclosure that is not properly ventilated, or allows direct exposure to the sunshine, this will generate excessive heat and will damage the pump

If air diffusers or air lines in the wastewater system are blocked, and the air pump is operating beyond the normal pressure range, this will cause the diaphragms to fail very quickly and in extreme cases it can build up excessive heat which will also damage the electromagnets.

If the enclosure of the air pump is situated on top of the wastewater system, all penetrations to the treatment chamber below must be completely sealed to prevent the gases from the being digested by the pump. This gas is extremely aggressive and will corrode the internals of the pump causing premature failure.

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